June 25, 2024

The marvelous world of Bridgerton has gripped audiences around the globe for its dramatic storylines and eye-catching scenery. And with season three coming up quickly, we’re reminded once more of one of the show’s largest impacts on the interior design world: the rise of Regencycore. The bright colors, ornate details and over-the-top floral arrangements of Bridgerton’s London have inspired a resurgence of an interior design style that extends far beyond the TV screen.

To better understand what Regency-style interior design entails in the real world, we spoke with Jean-Louis Deniot, a renowned architect and interior designer who’s transformed historic, Regency-era buildings in London. Fashioning Regency-style looks in the modern day is no small task, and Jean-Louis’ projects exemplify the trending style’s roots. Here’s what the designer shared about the interior design style you should know, plus how to make it fresh for 2024.


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