June 17, 2024

Back in December, 2023, when Houzz released its 2024 Home Design Trend Predictions, I sat up and took notice because Houzz has 65 million homeowners and design enthusiasts in its community, along with 3 million residential construction and design professionals. I’ve been seeing those predictions come to life during the first half of 2024.

Now, Houzz has released its Emerging Summer Design Trends Report, which includes organic modern style, reading rooms, Japanese influence, and more. I asked them to explain these 7 new trends — and also provide photos.

Organic Modern Style

According to Houzz data, searches for organic modern bedroom are up 245% from last year, while searches for organic modern dining room are up 146%. Searches are also up for organic modern kitchen, organic modern bathroom, and organic modern living room.

Organic modern style blends the clean lines of modern design with the warmth and ease of natural objects and materials,” says Mitchell Parker, Houzz home expert. “A little sleek, a little rustic, this popular style mashup incorporates natural stone and wood, creamy off-white tones, natural upholstery fabrics like linen, and rounded shapes, such as arches and curves.”

Parker tells me that one way that architects and designers on Houzz achieve this style is to start with the framework of a modern house and use natural materials throughout the interior. “This combination creates a soothing, warm and welcoming look and feel that’s comfortable and relaxed.”

Dark and Moody

Searches for moody living room are up 130% compared to last year, and they’re up 102% for moody kitchen. Moody bedroom, dark ceiling, dark and moody office, and dark and moody powder room searches are also up significantly. (Note: you can also see examples of dark and moody offices, as well as light and bright office spaces, in how to create the perfect WFH office.)

“Dark, moody spaces mix deep, saturated colors and materials to create an intimate, sophisticated atmosphere with a touch of drama,” Parker says. “For example, layers of rich browns and dark reds in a bedroom can create a warm atmosphere, while dark blue walls in a home office can contribute to a private, polished style.”

Reading Rooms

Reading rooms are surging in popularity. Searches for dark academia are up 219%, and searches for snug are up 157%. Also, searches for book nook, library wall, and reading corner have also increased considerably.

“Reading rooms can transport homeowners to a place of comfort, relaxation, and introspection, away from the everyday hustle taking place in other areas of the house,” Parker explains. We’re seeing that snugs — a term borrowed from the British to describe a den-like room — and reading rooms on Houzz often have window seats, fireplaces and cozy, oversized furnishings to curl up in and get lost in a good book.”

Japanese Influence

Americans are also incorporating Japanese elements in their designs. Searches for Japandi living room are up 48%, and wabi-sabi searches are up 44%. Other trending search terms are Japanese kitchen, Japanese bedroom, Zen garden, and Japanese bathroom.

“A look at recent Houzz search data shows that Japanese influence on home design is undeniable, particularly in kitchen, bedroom and bathroom design,” Parker says. “The aesthetic embraces simplicity, natural elements, and harmonious living spaces.” He says this may also be related to an increased attention on wellness features, since wabi-sabi relates to harmony, peace, tranquility and balance.


Speaking of wellness, searches for cold plunge are up 74% and indoor sauna searches are up 69%. Large windows, home spa, backyard sauna, and skylights have also increased significantly.

Parker tells me that health and wellness features are on the rise in home design. “Recent Houzz search data supports this trend toward calming, rejuvenating sanctuaries,” he says. And the increase in searches for large windows and skylights are indicative of the feeling of wellness that results from bringing more light and views into interior spaces.

Leisure Spaces

The pandemic convinced us to be more thoughtful about creating leisure spaces at home, and years later, this continues to be a lasting trend. Searches for listening room are up 107%. Other leisure space-related searches, including living room patio, Bocce court, bowling alley, and game room, have also increased.

“Many of the emerging trends fit neatly into a broader category of comfort and relaxation,” Parker says. “So perhaps it’s not surprising that interest in creating leisure spaces at home is also becoming more popular as homeowners are working with designers to create areas that celebrate and share their passions with others.”

Kid Zones

Compared to last year, U.S. based searches on Houzz for race car bed increased 106%. Searches for teen lounge, tween bedroom, kids gaming bedroom, bean bag, and Jack-and-Jill bathroom also increased.

“As remote work has become more popular, interest in dedicated zones for kids to play, socialize, and relax in while parents continue working have also become important,” Parker explains. “While searches for teen lounge grew by half year over year, regardless of the age of their children, parents are thinking through new ways to mee their kids’ changing needs.”

Read the entire Houzz report here.


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