May 22, 2024

Regency style decor is a delightful paradox. It’s lavish, extravagant, and anything but subtle — traits that typically imply heavy and imposing. Yet, Regency decor is surprisingly refreshing, with its natural motifs and vibrant colors evoking an idyllic charm rather than garishness. And nowhere does this balance shine brighter than the opulent world of our latest Netflix fixation, Bridgerton.

Regency interior design ideas are making a grand comeback, as noted by interior designer Nicole Cullum, all thanks to the lavish decor seen in the show. Taking cues from antiquity, ‘Regency pairs the refinement and structure of classic Greek and Roman design with an opulent, almost whimsical luxury of the high upper class,’ she explains. From grand chandeliers to ornate brass details, the show’s extravagant decor rivals the drama of its plotlines.  


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