June 17, 2024

SelfDezign, a local design and architecture firm, received the BIG SEE Interior Design Award 2024 for the best office design, a competition that awards the best architectural projects in Southeast Europe. The SelfDezign team, consisting of architect Irina Stoica, architect Daria Mihailov-Chiriac, intern architect Maria Mota, and brand strategist Toni Bunaiașu, won the award for the Workplace category with the project of Ezugi’s office in Bucharest.

The award-winning project, located in Campus C – Pipera, with a surface area of 905.78 square meters, represents the epitome of modern office design, integrating the latest global trends in architecture and interior design. It addresses the emerging needs of the labour market by creating an environment that values flexibility, collaboration, and innovation. Every design detail was crafted to encourage natural interaction and creativity, aligning with global trends favouring open, multifunctional, and tech-enhanced spaces.

For this reason, Ezugi’s space includes numerous informal zones for relaxation, teamwork, and brainstorming. This supports the various work modes identified in recent studies, from intense individual work to spontaneous collaborations.

Ezugi's space

Furniture and architectural solutions such as floors, acoustic partitions, and other custom elements were carefully chosen to harmoniously blend with the overall decor and were entirely provided by Workspace Studio, with whom the SelfDezign design firm closely collaborates for all projects emphasizing high quality and impactful design.

“The furniture, work tools, and their arrangement play an essential role in employee productivity and achieving company goals. Beyond standard furniture and lighting fixtures, meticulous attention was paid to decorative elements that honour the brand’s identity. How? Through wallpapers with casino-themed designs. With acoustic panels that replicate dice or playing cards. With brightly coloured accessories that emanate warmth, enthusiasm, and relaxation. The result? A world where two seemingly antagonistic elements enter into synergy: play and work” – declares Architect Irina Stoica, founder of SelfDezign.

The design of the project that caught the attention of the regional community of architects and interior designers forming the BIG SEE jury reflects the identity of the client, Ezugi, a global leader in the online casino industry. The design combines dynamic and interactive elements, such as meeting areas marked by a vibrant red point, symbolizing excitement and energy, which for Ezugi signals a live broadcast. The colour palette, in shades of gray and beige with red and green accents, not only reflects Ezugi’s brand but also adds vitality and modernity, highlighting the client’s vision of creating a workspace that is both functional and inspirational.

Ezugi space

The concept is based on the “living office,” a methodology developed by MillerKnoll, focused on a dynamic and flexible environment that supports organic employee interaction and stimulates creativity. Therefore, the design of Ezugi’s office was based on recent research indicating six trends for transforming spaces to adapt organizations to new work models:

  • From closed conference rooms to diverse meeting areas;
  • From oversized meeting spaces to carefully proportioned spaces;
  • From dedicated workstations for each employee to shared work areas;
  • From privacy seen as a privilege to privacy on demand;
  • From rigidly defined corridors to permeable spaces allowing connection;
  • From isolated relaxation areas to central meeting hubs;

This award rewards innovation and excellence in workplace design and reflects SelfDezign’s commitment to creating work environments that enhance productivity and employee well-being. SelfDezign continues to redefine office spaces, offering solutions that not only meet contemporary organizational needs but also promote a vibrant and productive organizational culture.

Ezugi space

The SelfDezign team dedicated to the Ezugi project included architect Irina Stoica, architect Daria Holostencu, intern architect Maria Mota, and brand strategist Toni Bunaiașu. Furniture and acoustic solutions were provided by Workspace Studio, with general support from contractor Tetris Romania and project management by JLL. Photos capturing the essence of the design were taken by Bela Benedek.

At the same BIG SEE Gala, the SelfDezign team also won the award for Hospitality, for the project Restaurant Cafeneaua Veche 9.


BIG SEE, an initiative from Southeast Europe, aims to be a global catalyst for creative industries, promoting sustainable products and projects that address the challenges of climate change. Starting in the 2000s and expanding to the SEE region in the mid-2010s, BIG SEE plays a crucial role in recognizing excellence in architecture and design throughout the region.

About SelfDezign

SelfDezign, through its unique approach in architecture and interior design, creates spaces where each client’s personality is not only reflected but transformed into a tangible and implementable concept.

Whether at home or at work, each project is a fusion of imagination and reality, allowing the client to become a co-creator of their own space. Our team, by combining technical expertise with artistic sensitivity, ensures that every detail of the concept not only meets the functional and aesthetic needs of each project but also enriches how beneficiaries experience and interact with the space.

Thus, each design becomes an extension of the client’s personality, transforming each vision into a reality that can not only be visualized but also lived and enjoyed daily.


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