June 25, 2024

‘I do not care about trends. I don’t care when things are in, I don’t care when things are out,’ Leanne Ford told Homes & Gardens in our exclusive interview.

Though it’s not something we hear often, it’s a refreshing point of view: while it can be fun, keeping up with interior design trends can also feel like an exhausting race against time. It often seems that trends are where new and exciting innovations in interior design are happening, but it’s not the only place to look. As a seasoned interior designer with her own HGTV show and Crate & Barrel and Crate and Barrel Kids lines, Leanne knows a thing or two about finding inspiration.

When it comes to thinking about what’s on-trend versus outdated looks, Ford states, ‘I really keep blinders on because if you’re putting something in to chase a trend, you’re already late by the time you install it. It takes years to make houses or months to make rooms and so if you’re chasing trends, you’re already late.’

leanne ford for crate and barrel

(Image credit: Crate & Barrel)

Instead, she recommends decorating based on personal interior design style. Ford states: ‘I say follow what you’re inspired by and what you’re interested in when you buy. Follow what you love, what makes your little heart go pitter-patter.’ She recommends, ‘Ride it out. It’s going to be “in” and “out” multiple times while you live in that space, and that’s okay, that’s freedom of expression.’


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