May 22, 2024
TROPICAL TOUCH: For a Brazilian couple’s New York apartment, which overlooks 59th Street and Fifth Avenue, interior designer Philip Gorrivan drew from the exuberant palette of Rio’s Carnival and Brazil’s tropics, combining lush tones of emerald and fuchsia.

I like interesting stories and I like interesting homes. I also like to believe I tell the former and have the latter. (Don’t we all?) So, when a book titled “Authentic Interiors: Rooms That Tell Stories” (Gibbs Smith, March 2024) hit my radar, I thought, “Shazam! My worlds collide!”

I dove into the 224-page, picture-rich hardcover, then rang up the author, interior designer Philip Gorrivan, to see if I could divine the secret to designing rooms that tell not just stories, but our stories. (Face it. Despite what they say, a lot of designers tell their stories.)

In his introduction, Gorrivan cites the 20th-century designer David Hicks, who said, “The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them.” The book then goes on to feature 14 client-inspired projects, including the author’s own home.


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