May 30, 2024
Interior Design Masters fans said Anthony was

Interior Design Masters fans said Anthony was “robbed” as he went home this week. (BBC)

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Interior Design Masters fans claimed star Anthony Ray was “robbed” after he was the latest to leave the show in the quarter-finals. However, Ray revealed after the show that guest judge Mary Portas offered him the opportunity to work in her London office.

This week on Interior Design Masters, fronted by Alan Carr, Ray was paired with Roisin Quinn to give a handbag shop the ultimate makeover to draw people in. They both ended up on the sofa after Matt and Ben blew the judges away with their transformation of the crystal shop next door.

Previously, Ray had been a big contender in the competition with some fans calling him the “winner” of the show. Among the comments, one fan wrote: “Anthony was my winner.” The designer had shown he was one to watch in the show because he had won two stand out spaces before falling at the final hurdle.

Social media was awash with many comments from fans sharing their outrage at his exit. Leading the comments, one person penned: “Interior Design Masters at this stage, each individual designer should have a their own design team. Anthony was robbed.”

Following his exit, Ray was pleased to tell fans that he had some exciting news. He wrote on Instagram: “But the story doesn’t end here.. I was incredibly overwhelmed with the amazing feedback and support shown by the incredible guest judge Mary Portas. She really made a bitter pill easier to swallow by gracing me with her time and, after seeing my previous designs, offered me the opportunity to work in her London office!! Couldn’t quite believe it.”

What did Interior Design Masters viewers say?

Interior Design Masters quarter finalists Matt, Anthony, Roisin, Benat.Interior Design Masters quarter finalists Matt, Anthony, Roisin, Benat.

Interior Design Masters quarter finalists Matt, Anthony, Roisin, Benat. (BBC)

Interior Design Masters viewers at home were “gutted” to see Ray sent home from the sofa, narrowly missing out on the semi-final and final. Another person wrote: “Aww poor Anthony! Just wanna hug him! This one challenge has ruined him when I think him and Matt should’ve been the final!”

Others wrote: “Tell me, who decides to pair the designers together for the challenges. Would it not be fair to let the designers work on their own. Sometimes togetherness does not work. Shame Anthony’s gone, he was one of the best.”

“The fact that Michelle didn’t keep both Anthony and Roisin is a disgrace!!!!! Interior Design Masters.”

“Absolutely gutted that Anthony went, such a shame when he’s been so consistent.”

“How is Ben still there and Anthony isn’t? He made one sodding mistake!”

“I’m distraught to say goodbye to the gorgeous Anthony.”

“Ben did a HORRIBLE apartment last week and wasn’t even on the sofa. Anthony makes ONE dodgy colour choice and is gone. Clear who production favour this season!”

“Anthony was my winner, so I’m really sorry to see him leave at this stage.”

“Gutted that Anthony had to go, I had him as the winner. However, toned down Roisin created a beautiful space.”

“Maybe if Anthony had more time… if someone hadn’t hogged the decorators so much… He’d be ok. I would’ve thrown her under the bus!”

Interior Design Masters Anthony posed with Alan Carr outside the shop in his final episodeInterior Design Masters Anthony posed with Alan Carr outside the shop in his final episode

Interior Design Masters Anthony posed with Alan Carr outside the shop in his final episode. (BBC)

While the majority of fans were devastated at Ray’s exit, some viewers shared their understanding of why he was the star to send home this week. Among the comments, one wrote: “Hard decision but it wasn’t Anthony’s week. It’s good that he could see where he fell short. I’m sure he will have a great career as a designer.”

Another person added: “Tbh thought right for Anthony to go for blocking out the entire shop window with that wall but based on his previous rooms I’m gutted.”

Others added: “What a shame! Anthony was a great designer, I get the decision, but he should have gone further. Other thoughts – Mary Portas’s outfit while they viewed the shops was AMAZING. And Ben calling the building he was working in “Victorian” was really annoying.”

“On the basis of today’s episode, right person went but I feel like Anthony was the better overall, should have been a finalist! Kinda seems like Roisin had the easier part of the task and left him a bit in limbo with the decorators and merchandising though.”

What did Anthony say about his exit?

Ray has spoken out since his exit from Interior Design Masters caused controversy on social media and he admitted he was “absolutely gutted”. The designer shared his true thoughts on his Instagram post.

He said: “What an episode! – and it’s a bitter sweet ending! Absolutely GUTTED to have left the competition, but this week was just not my week. The project was a beast, the vision big and it just didn’t translate in a 2 day build. We needed another week to execute the scheme we wanted. But as they say go big or go home … in my case the OR wasn’t necessary.”

However, Ray focused on the positives of his experiences. He said: “Buzzing to have avoided the sofa up until this point and to have won stand out space twice on my own. What an achievement!” He added: “I can’t tell you how incredibly grateful I feel to have been a part of this show. It has been on my radar for some time and I finally plucked up the courage to apply, an here I am.”

While he had been on the sofa with Quinn, there was no bad blood. He also wrote: “I have to give a massive shout out to my partner in crime Roisin Quinn. She really is an exceptional talent and I just know that this isn’t our last time working together. Hopefully next time we will have a little longer.”

Finishing on a positive note, he said: “BIG LOVE to my IDM family cast and crew. You’ve reinvigorated this stay at home dad and given him such an amazing platform to go and achieve his dream…. Watch this space peeps.. this Liverpudlian ginger has only just got started!”

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