May 22, 2024

ONE interiors pro and former small home dweller herself is an expert in transforming tiny spaces on a shoestring budget.

She shared her tips for cutting costs without sacrificing style.

Interior decorator Samantha Potter has shared her top tips for decorating a small space on a tiny budget


Interior decorator Samantha Potter has shared her top tips for decorating a small space on a tiny budgetCredit: Instagram / samanthapotterhome

Samantha Potter, interior designer and founder of Samantha Potter Home, explained how she knows a thing or two about “decorating for small spaces on even smaller budgets.”

Having previously lived in tiny spaces, she is aware of the value of saving a dime while decorating.

“I’ve lived in studios, one-bedrooms, and laneway homes,” she said.

To get the haute home of your dreams, she recommends thinking “outside the box.”

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“It doesn’t matter if you’re living in a cozy apartment or just trying to make the most of a compact room, there are two tips I consider non-negotiables when decorating your spaces,” she said.

No matter the size of your space, one tip remains the same — plan in advance.

She explained how this will make a “huge difference” in how you allocate your decorating funds.

It’s possible to stay frugal if you follow her tricks, including creating an inspiration board.

“It’ll help you learn what you need and what will work in your space. So you’re thoughtfully decorating your small spaces and saving money rather than needlessly making purchases,” she said.

“The other non-negotiable is to know how you use the space and try to work within it,” she added.

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She also recommends “combining your needs.”

For example, Potter advises items that have multiple uses, such as an ottoman-style coffee table.

By being able to open the table, you instantly save room and gain storage.

Make sure to also think about those items you use regularly.

“Look at what you have, what you use already, and see how that can translate into decor,” she said.


She also advises people to incorporate items that serve a purpose while making a space appear larger at the same time.

Such examples include a floor-length mirror as well curtains that are wider than the window and then “installing them close to the ceiling.”

According to Potter, this can transform the whole “vibe” of your home.


When it comes to decorating her space for less, she doesn’t shy away from DIY projects or scoping out dollar stores, thrift stores, and Facebook Marketplace.

“There are so many fun and easy ones out there you can tackle,” she said.

From paper mache bowls using egg cartons to her homemade pedestal planter, she knows it’s possible to save big.

If you can expand your budget a bit, she also recommends taking a look at Target or trying to spot a sale somewhere.

She recommends purchasing items that serve multiple uses


She recommends purchasing items that serve multiple usesCredit: Getty


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