July 24, 2024

It’s technically not even summer yet, and we’ve already predicted a bunch of trends for the upcoming season, including the hottest paint colors, gardening trends, and even home improvement projects. And of course, we can’t miss decorating! Fortunately, the 2024 Houzz U.S. Emerging Summer Trends Report is here with all kinds of useful intel on what we can expect to see in design this summer.

The report identified top emerging home design trends based on the latest search insights from their community of U.S. homeowners, design enthusiasts, and professionals. Those search insights are based on year-over-year growth on Houzz from January through March 2024 compared to January through March 2023. If you’re looking for a little summer refresh, check out these trends to inform your decorating decisions.

Organic Modern Style

Sara Stewart with Sarah Strunk Photography; Designer: Kirby Home Designs; Stylist: Amanda Layton; Builder: MassaRossa Luxury Homes

Today’s interpretation of modern design is much softer on the eyes than its original definition in design—what used to be just sleek lines and limited to cold palettes of white and black now features warm-toned neutrals like browns, taupes, and beiges. Mix in natural elements like wood, real greenery, and stone and you’ll have what’s now considered “organic modern style,” which Houzz has seen trending across all rooms of the house. (It kind of looks a lot like quiet luxury, actually!)

Searches on Houzz for “organic modern bedroom” almost tripled, year-over-year, jumping up 245%. Dining rooms are not far behind (up 146%), followed by kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms, respectively.

Dark and Moody

Matti Gresham; Designer: Urbanology Designs

Dark and moody rooms are also on the rise—something we predicted with the popularity of color drenching, which tends to work best with deep, highly saturated hues. Houzz says searches for “moody living room” and “moody kitchen” have more than doubled compared to the same period in 2023.

Searches for “moody bedroom” are up 85%, which is fitting because you do want that space especially to feel cozy and intimate. Even “dark ceilings,” which people have traditionally shied away from for fear of “shrinking” a room, are trending—search for the phrase are up 60%.

People are actually craving small (and comforting!) spaces, and because of this, they’re now embracing rich browns and dark reds.

Reading Rooms

Nat Rea for Ruhl | Jahnes Architects

Folks will feel inspired to start their summer reading list in a space that’s “dark academia” themed. According to Houzz, it’s a “scholarly subculture dedicated to reading, writing, and learning.” And while this was actually popping up in fashion a few years ago, it’s now popped up in interior design.

Houzz says searches for “dark academia” have gone up 219%, and the British-style
“snug” grew 2.5 times over. Fortunately, you do not need to dedicate an entire room to cozying up with a good book. Searches for terms like “library wall,” “reading corner,” and “book nooks” also increased.

Japanese Influence

Dustin Halleck; Design: Devon Grace Interiors

Considering organic modern style is hot right now, it’s no surprise Japanese design—which features many of the same sleek, modern, and natural elements—is also getting recognition.

“Japandi” design, a hybrid style that merges Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian functionality, did have a surge in popularity around 2020, but Houzz says it’s coming back—searches for “Japandi living room” have risen 48%. Plus, two Japanese design aesthetics often associated with presenting the home as a sanctuary (“wabi-sabi” and “zen garden”) have also seen growth in searches on Houzz (up 44% and 22%, respectively). 


Cate Black Photography; Residential design: Kelley Design Group; Builder: CKN Capital Group

Just in time for summer, cold plunges are super hot (or should we say cold?) in design right now. Followers of this trend, which is essentially just an ice bath, claim that it helps with inflammation and muscle soreness, though the few studies that explore its efficacy are inconclusive.

Regardless, fitness fanatics are willing to invest in a tub—searches for “cold plunge” are up 74% on Houzz, but there are other wellness-themed searches on the rise, too. “Indoor sauna,” “home spa,” and “backyard sauna” all rose in the first quarter of the year, compared with 2023.

Interestingly, skylights and large windows are also growing more popular, with searches increasing by 27% and 41%, respectively. The idea is that bringing in more natural light will, in theory, assist the body in maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm!

Leisure Spaces

Laurie Kilgore Photography; Designer: Stephanie Stroud Interiors

Summer is incomplete without a tiny bit of lounging around, right? Relaxing in spaces dedicated exclusively to leisure is a growing trend—Houzz says “listening room” searches have more than doubled, and searches for “living room pianos” have increased by 39%, “indicating a desire for dedicated areas to enjoy high-quality music experiences.”

Recreational spaces like bowling alleys and game rooms are also highly desired, and again, just in time for summer: Outdoor leisure activities are gaining traction too, with searches for “bocce court” up by 23%,


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