May 30, 2024
Colour Drenching Trend

Colour drenching might not be an easy technique, but it can quickly transform your interior into a magazine-worthy space

Forget accent walls and feature paint-effects – the latest design trend is colour drenching. Gone is the desire to curate a single wall because – in 2024 – we’re going all out and painting everything from floor to ceiling in the same colour!

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice commented:

“Monochrome interiors have been trending for a while on Instagram and TikTok. Who knew this popular concept would evolve into bold colour choices too? Monochrome takes on a whole new meaning with the latest design fad – colour drenching.

Colour drenching is a brave decorating style where you completely ‘drench’ your living space in a single paint colour. Yes – we mean drench! This goes much further than tone-on-tone and involves painting your walls, skirting, coving, architraves, radiators and even your doors and ceiling in the same shade. Whether you want to go light and airy, dark and dramatic or warm and tranquil – there’s a colour drenching shade to suit your home.

For a compact living room, you may want to settle for a light, airy neutral to maximise your space. The biggest advantage of painting floor to ceiling in the same tone is that it makes your room feel bigger. Colour drenching with neutrals lends itself easily to a classic, chic feel especially if you have period features in your home.

If you’re a fan of maximalist design, then dark and dramatic is also easy to style using this technique. Find a bold, bright shade of blue or green and introduce playful patterns and colourful accents such as cushions, throws or even statement wallpaper. Paint the skirting, coving and walls in a shade picked out from your wallpaper or soft furnishings for a seamless end result. Just make sure you opt for a matt paint finish which adds sophistication to bolder colours.

If you’re feeling really confident, why not use colour drenching in the most fashionable way and combine it with rich, earth tones? The biophilic design movement encourages us to create spaces connected to the natural world. Follow the trend and create a cocoon-like sanctuary using floor to ceiling brown, dusty pink or terracotta red. As everything is in a single shade, there are no harsh lines or contrasting colours that interrupt your line of sight – it all flows into one.

Using muted paint also adds depth and creates a calm, soothing atmosphere. Remember to include textures to add interest such as fashionable bouclé or natural, soft linens. Earth colours contribute to a feeling of being grounded because these tones promote a sense of connection to the earth itself.

Colour drenching might not be an easy technique, but it can quickly transform your interior into a magazine-worthy space. The best part is that there’s no need for fussy accessories and accents – just let the colour do all the talking!”


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