June 25, 2024

Carrie Bradshaw’s New York City apartment is one of the most iconic homes in TV history. While the fictional writer’s impeccable fashion sense doesn’t exactly translate to her interior design style, her apartment is equal parts approachable in how it’s decorated and unattainable in terms of its price, location, and size. The residence is an anomaly that Sex and the City fans will continue to eternally discuss. As we await a third season of the reboot And Just Like That…, which is currently filming, we’re taking a look at all of the design eras of Carrie’s apartment. From the realistic version of it in the pilot episode to the reboot makeover, analyze every detail below—and shop the looks.

The Pilot Apartment

Carrie’s apartment in the pilot episode—which premiered on June 6, 1998, and was filmed before the series got picked up by HBO—is more in line with where you’d expect a single writer living alone in New York City to reside. Located above a coffee shop with a glowing green sign just outside the window, the apartment is messy and feels cramped. A fireplace-shaped niche is home to a cart overflowing with dirty laundry. Stacks of magazines live on the floor, on a chair, and even on top of the radiator. Carrie’s bed seems to be a pull-out sofa bed, which is littered with Chinese takeout containers. While it’s not exactly brimming with inspiration, the gray satin bedding, patterned drapery, green storage lockers, and fun lamps give the interior character.

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The Rent-Controlled Haven

carrie bradshaw lavender bed

Courtesy of HBO

After the pilot, Carrie’s apartment evolves into the iconic Upper East Side residence it’s widely known as today. The large alcove studio is in a pre-war brownstone and holds the fictional address 245 East 73rd Street. (True fans know the exterior filming location stands at 66 Perry Street in the West Village.) Carrie lives in the rent-controlled gem for a shockingly low price of $700 a month. It’s perhaps her greatest love, and we can’t blame her.

a couple of women in a kitchen

Courtesy of HBO

Inside, the apartment boasts a walk-through closet with plenty of room for Carrie’s Manolos and party dresses. There’s a separate kitchen and ample space for a real bed, living/dining area, and Carrie’s writing desk that’s perfectly positioned in front of a window. Muted green walls, a mix of patterned accents, and wood furniture complete the space.

a person taking a selfie in a mirror

Courtesy of HBO

a person sitting on a couch

Courtesy of HBO

Naturally, the interior changes over time, but she typically keeps three framed prints over her bed near three open shelves. (That wall briefly gets a baby pink paint job in season two!) While she uses multiple bedding sets, the most recognizable one is a dreamy lavender floral set. Her drapery varies from neural solids to patterned options including muted red polka dots and neutral stripes. There’s also always adequate storage in the form of shelves, built-ins, and bookcases for her vast collection of reading material. The approachable design makes her whole lifestyle feel somewhat attainable.

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Aiden’s Short Move-In

sex and the city television stills

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Aiden Shaw’s mark on Carrie’s apartment begins when they first meet and she decides to impulse buy an old leather chair from his furniture store. It adds a slight masculine touch to her bachelorette pad. When Carrie’s building becomes a co-op, Aiden ends up buying it so they can live there together as a couple. With him, he brings a whole lot of stuff: five deodorants, a George Foreman grill, and a plant (which Carrie is horrified by). He plans to combine her apartment with the neighboring unit so they can both live there comfortably. Their breakup marks Carrie’s transition from renter to owner thanks to Charlotte, who lets Carrie use her ring as a down payment.

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The Movie Makeover

a bedroom with a bed and a mirror

Courtesy of HBO

In the 2008 SATC movie, Carrie gives her apartment a makeover with help from her assistant, Louise, after Mr. Big gets cold feet on their wedding day. She paints all of the walls bright blue and the trim white, hangs fluffy cream drapery, and swaps all of the midcentury furniture for white and mirrored pieces with a few patterned items in the mix. The wall behind the bed is given a classic gallery wall treatment. Across the room, there’s a white-gray built-in storage system with a flat-screen TV secured in the center of it. The overhaul doesn’t exactly scream glamour in every way, but it nails popular design moments of the late 2000s.

a group of women sitting in chairs

Courtesy of HBO

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And Just Like That… Carrie Moves in With Big

carrie bradshaw in apartment

Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Carrie’s interior design style as seen through the apartment she lives in with Big at the beginning of And Just Like That… deserves an honorable mention. From the Phillip Jeffries wallcovering to the muted blue paint on the dining room built-in with ample record storage, it certainly has elements that are worth recreating.

Carrie Returns to Her Emotional Support Apartment

mario cantone, sarah jessica parker in and just like that

Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

After Big dies, Carrie leans on her emotional support apartment. This time, her reading material is on full display in the living area thanks to a wall-to-wall bookcase. Behind it is a teal floral wallpaper that was created by Sarah Jessica Parker and her interior designer Eric Hughes, and fans have mixed feelings about it. The apartment is once again outfitted with enviable midcentury modern wood furniture. A few old pieces were pulled out of storage for the reboot including the chair Carrie uses as a nightstand. Other changes materialize as gray walls, yellow open shelving, gray bedding with multi-colored flowers on it, and olive green and brown striped curtains.

a girl sitting on a bed

Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

a person standing in a doorway

Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

At the end of AJLT season two, Carrie decides to say goodbye to her longtime UES apartment in favor of a Gramercy Park home. She bought it with the money she inherited from Big and intended to share the place with Aiden while he split time between his farmhouse and New York City. While her plan with Aiden didn’t go exactly how she wanted it to, we’re eager to see how she decorates the new place in season three.

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Wallshoppe ‘Townhouse’ Wallpaper by Sarah Jessica Parker in Peacock
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House of Hampton Floral Performance Area Rug
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