June 17, 2024

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Whilst interior design trends often have a longer lifespan than fashion trends, some have been so beloved in recent years that they’ve become clichéd.

 And this is exasperated by overexposure on social media and designs being copied and mass produced. Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest showcase countless images of the same ‘trendy’ styles, leading to a saturation of certain looks. As a result, unique design elements can quickly become ubiquitous, losing their original charm and appeal. Consequently, what once felt fresh and innovative can swiftly feel tired and overdone, prompting homeowners to seek out new, less mainstream inspirations.

Here I round up seven trends that have been so duped to death they are now officially outdated…

Scalloped Edges

It’s sweet, it’s twee…it’s been so overdone. Over the last few years we’ve been adding scalloped borders to almost everything: bedding, cushions, trays, cutlery, mirrors, lampshades, towels, rugs, and even furniture trims. 

Millennial pink velour coupled with scalloped detailing, is officially passé© Maryna Terletska
Millennial pink velour coupled with scalloped detailing, is officially passé

They found their way into every room of the house. While I’m not suggesting you ditch them, I really think we need to chill out – the overkill is bordering on obsessive.

Anatomical Vases

When jewellery designer Annisa Kermiche launched her Love Handles vase back in 2020, I immediately bought one. The only problem is, so did just about everyone else. With the popularity came the copies, and soon the high street was knocking off these ceramic bottoms at cheekily low prices – leading to an unfortunate overkill situation.

Vases that resemble body parts are looking a bit... dated
Vases that resemble body parts are looking a bit… dated

Others jumped on the bandwagon with bust vases, and body-shaped pottery. It turns out there’s not part of our anatomy that is safe from a ceramic glow up. I’m still keeping my Kermiche though, because I like it and that’s the most important thing when it comes to interiors. 

Feature Walls

This is apparently a huge interior designer ick, with reactions ranging from ‘meh’ to ‘erugh’.The premise seems to be that if you want to go bold, you should embrace the entire room rather than just dip your toe in with one accent wall. 

If you're going to brave wallpaper, make sure to buy enough for the entire room henceforth© Vostok
If you’re going to brave wallpaper, make sure to buy enough for the entire room henceforth

While they are popular, they have never particularly been ‘in fashion’ and are therefore not a trend, as such, more a commonly used design element that is best avoided. 


Arranging furniture in a perfectly symmetrical order feels rigid, dull, predictable, and most importantly, so 2023. Instead, try embracing asymmetry for a more visually interesting and inviting space. 

Avoid matching side tables for a more contemporary look© Andreas von Einsiedel
Avoid matching side tables for a more contemporary look

Vary placement, orientation, and size—for example, your bedside lamps need not match. Clash fabrics and seek unique pieces that don’t necessarily go together, such as antique furniture. On that note, matching furniture sets are another huge ‘don’t’.


Although bobbin furniture dates back to the 17th century, it has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Bobbin table legs, bobbin lamps, bobbin bed frames, bobbin accessories, and the most boggin-bobbin piece of all—the bobbin mirror. 

I say this half in jest because there are some beautiful ones out there: Inside Story’s high gloss rectangular mirrors, Gallery Interiors’ Selena mirror in black are stunning and the most gorgeous are those by Folie Chambre. However, there are also many spindly, substandard versions on the market that don’t do justice to the timeless elegance of true bobbin craftsmanship.

Rose Gold Tapware

Choosing a fad trend for big commitment pieces such as tapware is best avoided. Brass, copper, or worse still, rose gold definitely had a moment, but now that moment has passed. 

Rose gold has become outdated© Nancybelle Gonzaga Villarroya
Rose gold has become outdated

Not wanting to sound like a traditionalist but timeless stainless steel will never go out of style. Or for the – slightly more – experimental nickel is a beautiful finish. Although, for a truly sleek look, everything needs to match, including radiator valves and basin traps.  

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For a time there, it seemed that any sofa or chair that stood still for two minutes was covered in a bouclé. A fun and sumptuous teddy bear fabric that is tactile to the touch. I’m sad to say it is now time to move on. If you’re still looking for rich textures why not try a high pile fabric, which is apparently back by popular demand? Good news for anyone that didn’t get around to covering their velvet sofa in bouclé when they themselves became passé. 

So what interiors should be be investing in for 2024 and beyond? We should be focussing on sustainable vintage, personalisation – try commissioning something unique from an emerging designer, and most important of all…comfort.


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