July 24, 2024

If you’re thinking about changing up the color palette in your home, you might want to consider a dark bedroom. Whether you’re starting with smaller details, adding an accent wall to the space, or embracing an all-around deeper hue, a well-designed dark bedroom can be cozy and inviting. From navy to forest green to gray and even black, there’s an array of dark hues and popular paint colors to pick from right now. Here, you’ll find dark bedroom ideas from interior designers that will inspire your own home makeover, including primary bedrooms with dark walls and guest suites adorned with whimsical wallpaper. Plus, we answer common questions on dark bedroom design and offer decorating ideas, from adding coziness to choosing furniture. Keep your paintbrush on standby—it’s time to say goodbye to any blank walls and come over to the dark side.

How can you successfully design a dark bedroom?

“The key to creating dark bedrooms, or any rooms for that matter, is to keep the saturation levels consistent,” says designer Abby Hetherington of Abby Hetherington Interiors in Bozeman, Montana. This ensures that the overall room feels cohesive, from dark walls to deep furniture finishes. Jenn Feldman, designer at Jenn Feldman Designs in Los Angeles, adds that color drenching is all about layering and balancing the “fixed” versus “flexible” elements of a space. “For the room to really take on a cohesive and designed aesthetic, the walls and floors should all be tonal, or drenched, in the same tone or color,” she explains, adding that this unity also evokes calmness. “Then the flexible elements—bedding, accents, decor—can be layered in and shift the feeling to a more bold or a more watered-down version of the color,” says Feldman.

What are the benefits of a dark-colored bedroom?

Embracing a dark color palette opens you and your home up to an entirely new design aesthetic. “Many people think bedroom design is all about crisp, white duvets and light, airy features,” says Lindsie Davis, principal designer at Blueberry Jones Design in Austin. “But a dark and dramatic bedroom can be just as calming.” The receding nature of darkness can also make a dark bedroom feel larger, says designer Lucinda Loya of Lucinda Loya Interiors in Houston.

Mood is often impacted by our environment, which is why it’s so important to design a space that puts your mind at ease. “A dark bedroom, free from distractions and bathed in a soothing ambiance, signals to our internal clock that it’s time for rest and rejuvenation,” says designer Hanna Li of Hanna Li Interiors. A monochromatic color palette, often found in dark bedroom design, is inherently non-fussy and calming.

How can you make a dark bedroom cozy?

From adding texture to bringing in light, there are many ways to make a dark bedroom feel more inviting. “Creating warmth in a dark space is paramount, regardless of the chosen color palette,” says Li. Whether she’s using blues, browns, or grays, she aims to incorporate luxurious materials like leather to add texture and tactile appeal to a dark room. Designer Benjamin Johnston of Benjamin Johnston Design in Houston agrees that texture is key to creating a cozy dark bedroom. “I love grasscloth wall coverings or textured wallpaper for this reason,” he says. “Pair various textures through bedding and steer clear of lightweight draperies when you want everything to imbue a sense of coziness.”

Light fixtures can make a big difference as well. “Low lighting in the bedroom, uplighting, and bedside sconces with a dimmer will set the mood and help you relax,” Johnson explains.

How should you decorate and furnish a dark bedroom?

A dark bedroom is a bold design decision in itself. When furnishing a dark bedroom and adding accent pieces, designers recommend keeping color balance in mind. “A mix of furniture finishes, all in darker hues, is a good idea in a dark bedroom,” says designer Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors. “You want the pieces to blend in, but you don’t want them to disappear either.” Lighter accessories, such as area rugs and white bedding, can also complement a dark bedroom and add visual interest.


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