May 22, 2024

There are so many elements to bedroom design, and creating a scheme that ties perfectly together is all about the balance. The best interior designers have the skill that they need only walk in a room and will spot the problems within moments, but it can be hard to distinguish what’s not working in your own space when you’re used to seeing everyday. 

The changes they’ll suggest you make your modern bedroom work might be as simple as moving a piece of furniture, adding in something, or taking something away. Sometimes, it really is that simple. To help you at home, the designers have given us a list of the top 10 issues they see time and time again, alongside handy hints for how to fix them.

1. Forgetting to add a rug

A modern minimalist bedroom

(Image credit: Ome Dezin)

Texture is so important in the bedroom, and every space should have a rug underfoot to really bring that coveted cozy feel. ‘A bedroom needs to achieve so many things: be cozy and a welcoming, relaxing, soothing, safe space,’ says Irene Astrain, architect at Astrain Scheldt. 


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